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Omaha-based HorsePower Brands Adds Colorful New Franchise

- Groovy Hues amplifies the expansion of rapidly growing company -

OMAHA, Neb. -- HorsePower Brands announced today the launch of Groovy Hues, a further expansion of its ever-growing portfolio of service-based franchise systems. Groovy Hues is committed to restyling the painting industry for both residential and commercial services. In addition to residential and commercial interior and exterior projects, the innovative franchise offers power and soft wash and gutter and shutter replacement and painting. HorsePower Brands remains on pace to hit its goal of building a portfolio of 25 service-based franchise brands and vertical integrations by 2025.

As part of the HorsePower Brands roster, Groovy Hues will experience heightened growth through utilizing the strategy and support structure that continues to drive expansion for the parent company. The new franchise will go beyond its competition through unsurpassed organization, execution and communication by leveraging the best products and technology in the industry.

"I believe the difference between success and failure is communication," said Groovy Hues brand president John M. Pleiss. "Our service process sees customers experience a thoroughly established communication system, with easy-to-understand estimates that tell the customer not only how much it will cost, but also when we start and finish the job." Pleiss brings proven leadership skills to the brand primarily through his experience in building and marketing telecommunication infrastructure.

"We see a massive opportunity for us to continue to develop and expand our existing service-based franchises with the addition of Groovy Hues," said Josh Skolnick, co-founder and chair of HorsePower Brands. "Home and business owners are often challenged to find someone they can trust to get the job done right and puts their mind at ease. That's what we do improve the process with complete communication and maximum transparency for our customers."

Groovy Hues marks the sixth service brand launched by HorsePower Brands since its formation in 2019. Both Skolnick and Zachary Beutler formed the company with a goal to sell franchises responsibly with the tools to ensure franchisees' growth and longevity long term.
About HorsePower Brands

HorsePower Brands is a portfolio company comprised of service-based franchisors and franchise brands delivering first class customer service and experiences. Founded in 2019 by franchise veterans Josh Skolnick and Zach Beutler, the team was determined to disrupt the franchise industry to responsibly grow and support franchisees through a platform focused on operational excellence and accountability. For more information on HorsePower Brands and their various franchise opportunities, visit https://horsepowerbrands.com.

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